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CALL FOR PAPERS: VI International Congress of the Hegel Society of Spain

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The Hegel Society of Spain (Sociedad Española de Estudios sobre Hegel) organizes its VI International Congress in 2017, which will take place in the University of Málaga, Spain, from 18-20 September, 2017. The Congress is co-hosted by the Research Group on German Idealism at the University of Málaga.


  • Submission Deadline: May 1, 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2017
  • Conference: September 18-20, 2017 in Málaga, Spain. 


  1. Truth and freedom in the History of philosophy
    • Truth and freedom in German idealism and today’s importance
    • Shelling and/or Hegel’s influence in philosophy of history
    • Cultural and philosophical contexts
  2. Truth and freedom from a theoretical perspective
    • The idea of system as articulation of truth and freedom
    • Truth and freedom as metaphysical principles
    • Concept of truth in German idealism
    • Idealist freedom and its developments
  3. Truth and freedom from a practical perspective
    • Realization of freedom and expansion of human consciousness
    • Truth in law and politics
    • Truth in history
    • Truth in art and technical works
    • Religious truth in rite and myth
  4. Truth and freedom from an existential perspective
    • Truth and/or falsity of selfconsciousness
    • Truth of experience and the science of selfconsciousness’ experience
    • Truth in the articulation of life, freedom and consciousness
    • Implications between intellect (truth) and will (freedom) in the human being

Contributions will be welcome in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Accepted papers selected for presentation will require registration in the Congress.

Submission of papers should be sent to:

More info: